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At Iridia we are driven to optimize logistics. By designing a customized solution that fits your requirements we will be able to augment the area/load factor ratio. Thus,  you will be able to carry more in a single run. In an ever-increasing online market competition, warehouses and transportation equipped with our solutions will be able to save money in each loading run while leaving the competition behind.


In a market in where every gram counts, saving weight is key for cutting costs and being more competitive. In a such competitive environment , Iridia challenges the usual conventions by bringing to the table lightweight solutions that set us apart from the most beaten path. Stability, flexibility and endurance by design without the need of using costly materials are the trademarks of the Iridia way of engineering.


For the automotive field , Iridia incorporates innovative resources based on the lessons learnt in other fields. Solutions that were not bound to the automotive market, now have been proven with great success at a fraction of the cost. By blending a creative thinking with expertise , Iridia is able to design and procure a custom solution that will perform better that the ones they are already in the market.

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